Service Updates




Federal law requires all customers wear a mask covering the nose and mouth while at our facilities and onboard our buses.  Masks must also be worn between sips and bites when customers are eating or drinking.  Refusal to wear a mask is a violation of Federal law and may result in denial of boarding or removal from our facilities or buses and passengers may also be subject to penalties.

Face masks with valves or vents, bandanas which are unsecured under the chin, and plastic face shields (by themselves) are not allowed under Federal law and are not accepted as approved face coverings. Our employees are wearing approved masks at our facilities and our drivers are wearing masks on board while scanning tickets and interacting with customers.

If you don’t have an approved face covering of your own, see how to make one here (opens in a new tab)The only exception to the face covering requirement is for customers younger than 2 years old. If you are unable to wear a face covering for any reason including a medical condition please see our ADA exemption guidelines here, otherwise we regret that you will not be able to travel on Southeastern Stages at this time. This is for the safety of all passengers and SES employees.

Southeastern Stages is committed to providing a safe, economical and clean environment for all of our customers and employees.  Please see the attached flyer for a brief overview of our cleaning and care plan (clean care flyer).

The safety of our passengers is and has always been our top priority. In response to recent changes in the world, we have updated our cleaning, air quality, and personal space procedures with our Ready to Go program.
Air Purification
We have enhanced our coaches’ air quality by installing additional air purification modules which filter our viruses, molds, allergens, and germs while reducing risks of infection. The kit also reduces smoke, pollen, and other air pollution.
With our Ready to Go program, we are even more focused on disinfection than ever. Before and after each trip, our coaches are treated with extensive cleaning including aerosol disinfection of the cabin with a focus on handrails, parcel racks and latches, window release bars, headrests and armrests, seat belts and accessories – we’ve got you covered!
Operating Procedures
To ensure we’re all Ready to Go, we have updated our operating procedures including guidelines for physical distancing during the loading and unloading process, requiring passengers to wear face coverings while onboard, and specifying seat layouts. Physical barriers have also been installed in driver areas for extra peace of mind.
We are Ready to Go and ready to provide you with professional and safe service anywhere and everywhere you want to go.

Additionally, we continue to follow the guidance of the CDC and our interline partners such as Greyhound to control the possible spread of any virus.  Please visit the Greyhound website ( for more detailed explanations.

All passengers will be required to wear face covering/masks while onboard Southeastern Stages or Greyhound buses.

Please continue to monitor this webpage for further updates  and information.