About Us

Our history

Southeastern Stages was formed in 1933 by a merger of three smaller independent motorcoach companies. Prior to the merger, the three companies had struggled to build their businesses due to the difficulties posed by dirt roads, the absence of advertising and limited passenger traffic.  Combined, the new company began to mature.



The start of a new era

The two founders of Southeastern Stages, A. C. (Lon) Shipman and J. W. (Jake) Hughes, devoted their efforts to making the new company a major participant in the growing intercity bus industry. The eventual interlining of passengers with Greyhound Lines and other regular scheduled carriers at various transfer points provided an expanded service to travelers and the company began to really grow.

Today, Southeastern Stages operates daily scheduled service between cities in the Southeast including:  Atlanta, GA; Asheville, NC; Charleston, SC; Columbia, SC; Myrtle Beach, SC; Savannah, GA and Fayetteville, NC logging more than 3 million miles each year.  Our nationwide operating authority allows us to provide charter services to destinations throughout the US and Canada.



The future of Southeastern Stages

Southeastern Stages was among the first in the region to introduce vehicles with advanced collision avoidance technology. We’re constantly searching for ways to make your experience a positive one. Our network of bus stations, agencies and regional partners coupled with our unique brand of personalized service will ensure that we continue to deliver you to your destinations safely and without worry. Trust us, we’ve spent the past 80+ years getting ready for your next trip!

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