About Us

Why Choose SES?

Our modern motorcoaches offer features that make them a better choice for nearly a million people who step aboard each year. We offer amenities that will make your trip better than you ever thought possible. The next time you need group transportation, call us first. We are excited to show how much motorcoaches have changed and how we can make your next event or outing even more extraordinary!

Count the reasons

Our People Make Us Better

Southeastern Stages recognizes that one of the key elements of any successful organization is its people. Our people are among the very best in the industry. Our commitment to continuing improvement and maintaining an environment of pride creates an attitude within our organization where every person takes ownership of their career because they have been given the freedom to succeed. We are committed to raising the bar on the skill-sets of our team on a daily basis. We hope to provide them with the tools necessary to maximize their passion and thus maintain our position as an industry leader.

Our People Make Us Better


We load up our buses with the latest in technological advances and then we teach our drivers how to avoid situations where we are forced to depend on them. From anti-lock braking systems, electronic stability control and now collision avoidance radar we’re leading the industry by buying motorcoaches designed specifically for their safety. The bulk of our motorcoach fleet is equipped with fire suppression systems, passenger seatbelts and all manner of technology intended to keep you safe. We add a full service, state of the art maintenance facility and a team of technicians with over 100 years of experience to take care of our motorcoaches so you can rest easy and leave the driving to us. We work hard every day to be a leader in safe transportation and every day, we make sure that every mile is as safe as possible.


Our Certifications

In addition to being proud members of the associations listed below, Southeastern Stages has been reviewed and certified as a quality passenger transportation provider by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) authorizing it to transport some of our nation’s most valuable assets – its military heroes.

Southeastern Stages is a proud member of:

  • International Motorcoach Group
  • American Bus Association
  • United Motorcoach Association
  • Georgia Motorcoach Operators Association